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Fwd (Forward) is a 3d interior environment of a 3-story building with each floor a different time period. 1st floor is a Victorian living room, 2nd is a modern, minimalist bathroom, 3rd is a futuristic, sci-fi bedroom. 

Fwd is my capstone project at the Digital Animation & Game Design program at Ferris State University. I worked on it for the duration of the Spring 2019 semester, Jan-May. 


Note: Frame rate issue should be fixed now.

Install instructions

1. Unzip

2. Run "FWD.exe" (located in: Fwd - A Game Environment/ WindowsNoEditor)

There's no user interface. 

To restart the game/ level - Press the "~" (tilda) key to call the command console > Type in "restartlevel" > Enter.

To exit the application - Press "~" > Type in "exit" > Enter.


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